How to Stay Motivated

Kimberly made a resolution to become more organized and be more conscious of how she spent her time. She was so motivated to be organized! She energetically de-clutter her closets and cupboards of things she no longer needed nor wanted. She loved the freeing feeling that came from walking into her house and knowing where […]

The defining moment of your day

I don’t have to tell you how fast paced life is because you’re probably running the race right now! Life is packed full of activity, but can you afford not to find five minutes of rest in your day? How do we find time to be still?

Why to say No. When to say Yes.

We live in an era where our plates are overflowing with commitments. More is expected of the woman than ever before. It’s so important to say Yes. Sometimes. But how, when, and why should you say No? And when do you say Yes? Consider one of these concepts to help you process the next request of you to add a commitment to your plate.

How many clothes are too many?

Clothes say a lot about us without even realizing it. Do you hoard clothes with an odd fear of parting with that shirt you’ve had for years? For me, clothes are a necessary evil. They can be an expression of my personality or a discouraging factor of my morning when it seems like I have nothing to wear. […]

How your perspective can make you more productive

Do you ever think that if you could just be more productive, life would be easier? Um, yes! But what if you realize it’s not necessarily having an improved filing system or balanced schedule that will make you more productive? Those things might really help, but it could be the power of your perspective that […]

How to feel organized enough for your lifestyle

Organization is a state of mind. It’s based on your perspective about what order looks like and feels like, to you. I always tell my clients, your goal is to be “organized enough.” Now, for some people [Client A] they want to be extremely organized, sub-categorized and labeled to the pristine level of looking like a […]

Does your Routine need a ReBoot?

We are always experiencing life transitions and there can be a sense of restlessness as we struggle to re-establish a routine and schedule that fits best for our life stage and situation. Life transitions are often times determined by uncontrollable events, such as going back to school, a birth, a death, or simply the changing of […]

But my mother-in-law gave it to me

“I can’t get rid of it because my mother-in-law gave it to me.” Eeek. Anyone ever said that? or “My dad brought it back for me from Greece, but I’m not really sure what it is.” These statements represent the guilt that holds us back from letting go. Bottom-line is the tough love statement: you can’t […]

No Resolutions in 2016

So what’s next? That’s the question I keep asking myself, with no clear answer coming to mind. But to really know what’s next in 2016, it seems natural to reflect on ‘what was’ in 2015. Well, it was definitely a year of highs and lows…to name a few… I experienced new emotions while saying good-bye to my precious mother, who is […]

To those who feel unappreciated at home

Do you ever feel like your efforts at home go unnoticed? That they are taken for granted? We all have our roles at home for accomplishing household duties. Some families sit down and distinguish them, even having a chart to keep people accountable. In other families, the roles are assumed by default. What’s your role? […]

For those who have no garden weeds

Weeds. The annoying green foliage that grows throughout your beautiful flowers and tomato plants. The foliage that we prepare to stifle even before it has the chance to germinate. The foliage that isn’t wanted, yet somehow still appears. I’ve spent hours this summer pulling weeds, and they seem to multiply faster than I can pull. […]

Is mental clutter getting in my way?

We all have a general understanding of physical clutter – you feel like your junk is everywhere and not put away. You feel disorganized and it’s a challenge to be productive. Well the same can be said for mental clutter, though most of us don’t look at our minds as being able to have clutter. […]