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A CLIENT Success story

Mompreneur is confidently on track at work and home

Meet Sherry
hair salon owner, farm wife, mother of 3

A long-time hair salon owner, farmer’s wife, and mother to busy teenagers, Sherry was always running at full speed and trying to catch her breath with every lap. But she was losing steam as her children’s schedules and her business got busier and busier. She was missing essential paperwork and routines for maintaining her home and business. She was lacking clear communication with her busy teens and multiple volunteer duties. Flying by the seat of her pants was no longer working. She wanted to reset and learn how to feel like she’s winning at work and at home. Sherry brought The Proper Place onto her team and meet monthly to set up new routines, establish new habits for communicating with kids, and figure out systems for paperwork to be processed on time. Sherry has also found ways to be more efficient in -completing and maintaining household tasks, and she has peace of mind that her salon is running at full capacity. She has worked hard to transform her habits and now has confidence in her weekly planning and systems. She even gets to indulge in favorite books on the weekends and connects with her kids on a new level — less yelling and more listening. With ongoing accountability, Sherry views The Proper Place like her exercise trainer and knows she is best when she has supportive people to keep her on track. Sherry is no longer gasping for air and now running at a healthy speed!

maybe you can relate

Farm wife turns from frenzy to feeling free

Meet Corinne
farm wife & mother of 5
Corinne reached out to The Proper Place at her wit’s end. She was discouraged by all the farm paperwork and papers that came home from her kids’ schools. She couldn’t find a way out from the piles that were building on her desk. Communicating with her husband was challenging when they had different styles, and she desperately wanted her kids to pitch in to help lighten the load. She needed direction, ideas, and — most of all — someone who could understand. Through bimonthly coaching sessions, Corinne and Michelle started to break down the trials Corinne was facing and figure out how to ease her burdens of paper and communication. Together they identified where Corinne was striving at productivity and where she was struggling — the lightbulb went off as she began to experience her day-to-day life with more confidence and clear systems for tasks. Her papers started to have a rhythm and direction; her workflow felt easier. Corinne knew things in her household wouldn’t change overnight, but with Michelle as her coach, pressure lifted from her chest as she uncovered one new solution at a time and had the energy to press on. Ongoing accountability ensures she doesn't doesn't let the piles build back up.

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Empty-nester gets unstuck and grows her business

Meet Patti
Interior Designer & Empty Nester
After 25 years of raising kids and building a business in the design industry, Patti was no stranger to working hard. But working harder wasn’t making her more productive. She was frustrated that she would make lists and re-write lists, spend time laboring on client projects, and at the end of the day had little to show for the work. She was discouraged that she couldn’t make time for exercise, reading, and spending time with her aging mother. Patti came to The Proper Place because she felt stuck. She didn’t know how to manage her time and prioritize her work. This amazing designer couldn’t thrive because she felt like she was always reinventing her work process — and it wasn’t working. Through coaching and consulting sessions, we identified what Patti wanted to accomplish in her business on a small and large scale; assessed how to utilize her strengths; adjusted the systems and tools she was using; created a smooth workflow; found solutions for better communicating with clients; and improved her business structure so she presents herself with confidence. Now Patti can make space for work, health, and family. No more spinning her wheels! She is cruising forward.

“Michelle truly cares and has helped us become more intentional and efficient in our work and life. We continue to meet with her to be sure nothing falls through the cracks!”

business owners & parents

Learn how to create family time

Family business is running on all cylinders with new processes in place

Meet Kendra and NAte
multi-business owners & parents

Kendra and her husband have multiple businesses and are heavily involved in the community — and spent most of their days putting out fires. They knew they weren’t being as efficient as they could be with all that’s required of them, and they avoided larger projects to focus on solving the day-to-day problems. But they also knew that getting a handle on the bigger picture would help them reach their long-term goals of growth and retirement, as well as lighten the daily hustle. With consistent consulting and coaching sessions, The Proper Place was able to help them implement better communication to empower their team, processes that can run on autopilot, and resources for better workflow — and hold them accountable along the way. The couple now support their business ventures with confidence while feeling free to spend mornings with their family and dogs and attend all the kids’ events guilt-free.

Together we will work to make your days flow smoother so you can be free to do more life!