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Back to School with Less Stress

Be intentional about your mornings and evenings. Empower each child with the proper tools and independence. Take care of yourself. And go conquer this school year! Here are six simple tips that can add a little intentional order to make a difference in the success of this new school year.

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I always preach about being intentional with your actions and choices in order to have success, and back to school is no exception. Now that school is back in full force, kids are starting to expand their little minds with each activity. Which also means, YOU are getting busier and starting to go a little crazy in the mornings (and evenings) to be sure everything keeps rolling.

Here are six simple tips that can add intentional order to your days and make a difference in the success of the school year.

You’ve got this momma!!

Prep the night before
15 minutes can mean the difference between a good or bad morning. Pack lunches, layout clothes (even jewelry, socks, shoes), have backpacks by the door, sports items and instruments ready to go. If the kids are old enough to go to school they are most likely old enough to prep all this on their own!

Have a communication center
A central location for the schedules to be viewed at a glance by all. Keep the papers you need to reference at an arms reach so you know when it’s your turn to bring the snacks for soccer and when little Johnny will be the line leader. Even better, put it on the calendar!

Build in a buffer each morning
It’s not very often that a morning goes 100% smoothly. Does it?? Someone spills, he’s cramming for a test, you burnt your neck on the curling iron, and therefore you’re all running late. Building in a buffer gives a little space to breathe on both the good and bad days.

Create a homework station
Each child learns differently and needs a setting that’s best for their learning style. This can be as simple as a portable station with a caddy of school items that’s used at the kitchen table, or it can be a desk in a quiet bedroom/office. As the parent, become aware of what each child needs to be set up for successful learning.

Create an after school routine
Create a routine for the child when they come home from school: where their backpack will live, what they need to take out, and what needs to be addressed before tomorrow. Will it be off the bus, then snack time then homework or piano? For younger children, a clipboard works well as a means for keeping important papers together that come out of the backpack. The clipboard is a trigger to the parent of what needs to be addressed. Papers can get lost on the cupboard, even in a matter of minutes. What simple system can you put in place so you and the child stay on top of things?

Mom needs structure too
Regardless of if you’re racing off to work post drop off or if you’re off to run errands in yoga pants, having the kids back to a routine, means you need one too. Creating a little structure to your Monday through Friday, will go a long way for you to feel productive between those quick hours of 8a and 3p.

Be intentional about your mornings and evenings. Empower each child with the proper tools and independence. Take care of yourself. And go conquer this school year!


Organizer and Coach, Michelle Kuiken helps women to have more order and more life. Contact The Proper Place here to learn how she can support your journey to be more productive and have more peace of mind.

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