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Finding Opportunity amongst Challenge

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Opportunity and possibility are within each challenge. Can you see it?

Joan is thankful to be a stay at home mom after working full time for many years. But it comes with its challenges. With a bit of discouragement, she feels: “I don’t get things put away because I am easily distracted and don’t know where to put stuff. I want to love my family well but feel something is always getting in the way. My days get interrupted therefore it feels impossible to take time for myself.”

This is a familiar state of mind for many women I connect with. A desire to be the best you, but feel you’re always being sabotaged by life.

Challenges vs Opportunities
Why is it so much easier to see the challenges before the wins? We see the failures before the victories. We point out our personal shortcomings before our contributions.

Human nature will inherently see the challenge before the opportunity.

We are much more likely to remember the missed catch in the World Series baseball game, than the season full of grand slams. I can’t resist pointing out a friend’s continued tardiness above the many times she’s dropped everything to be there for me. I’m quick to accuse my husband when hearing him out is always the better route.

Blind to Possibility
In every challenge there is so much possibility to be had, but so often we miss seeing it. We each see life through a different lens. Some can see the big vision, others see the details. When the  challenge is inherently viewed as a negative, we are blind to the possibility. There is so much possibility to see in every challenge and we shouldn’t miss out by keeping our lens’ clean.

What is possible?
How can you shift to see a challenge as an opportunity for possibility? Challenges are appropriately named because they give us a hurdle to master. But the hurdle isn’t always a negative obstacle. The hurdle, the challenge, can be a way to lean into our strengths and reframe how we see the situation. If it was easy, we’d all be running the 100 meter race. So what is possible?

Take Joan for example
The beautiful housewife, Joan, sees the organization in her life as mediocre. She can’t seem to focus on the household upkeep, and is sensitive to the expectations she feels her family has for her as a wife and mother. She can get the essentials accomplished, but not without distraction and delays.

Obstacles seen as Opportunities
When we read about Joan’s situation, we hear her discouragement and challenges. How can we see the perceived hurdles as as an opportunity?

    • Challenge :: Distractible
      Opportunity :: able to multitask, notices everything
      Solution :: Identify what keeps you on task so each desire can be given the attention it deserves. Setting the timer for 20 minutes or racing the clock can keep you on task.
    • Challenge :: Lack of focus
      Opportunity :: creative, able to see unique perspectives
      Solution :: Approach things in a manner most accommodating for your lifestyle and be creative in how you accomplish tasks. Think outside the box for accomplishing things. Work with your strengths in mind [visual, kinesthetic, etc]
    • Challenge :: Oversensitive
      Opportunity :: highly attuned, aware of others’ feelings, intuitive
      Solution :: Connect with people at a deeper level and see beyond the situation at hand. Schedule time to intentionally connect with people who have similar values as you and support your life. Be honest with those around you.

Reframing the challenges as possibilites. The obstacles as opportunities.

Some challenges and obstacles take more creativity to determine what the opportunity may be. We can correct our lenses and train our brains to try to see the possibility. The possibility in the day to day. The opportunity in the big picture.

A note from me
I believe you were created as a unique individual with so much possibility and opportunity in your life. Each person already has this within them. You are already naturally whole. Work to see each situation as a woman who offers value to your home and world. Consider mental and clutter challenges as opportunities to be uniquely you!

The opportunities are all around you!

Together we will work to make your days flow smoother so you can be free to do more life!