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Five Productivity Tips for the Solopreneur

Being my own boss offers amazing flexibility! But too much freedom can also impact my focus and productivity. If you work for yourself, these five tips will help you better approach your daily work and better utilize your precious time to get more done.

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Being my own boss offers amazing flexibility and opportunity that I cherish, but oftentimes, too much flexibility can impact my productivity. Through my own work, as well as coaching women in business and life, I’ve found that implementing simple disciplines can make a huge difference in the value of my days. Implement these five tips to improve how you approach your daily work and better utilize your precious time to get more done.

1. Set key tasks for the day

Write four tasks on a sticky note and do the most dreaded item first. Setting a realistic number of key tasks and prioritizing is essential to creating an effective to-do list.

2. Create time limits

Time how long it takes you to do essential tasks in order to understand how your time is being spent. Use that knowledge to be more realistic in planning – time awareness is a powerful tool. I used to procrastinate writing blogs, and now I say, “I have thirty minutes, go.”

3. Clear your desk

Take ten minutes at the end of each day to clear your desk and put papers away. Starting the day with a clear desk is a game changer, mentally and physically. Don’t start the day looking at yesterday’s mess.

4. Assign office hours

Determine when you will work on business vs. personal work. Transitioning between roles decreases productivity, sucks mental energy, and allows for external interruptions. Boundaries are valuable for your time and space.

5. Utilize resources

Be clear on what you’re good at and delegate other duties. Your time is too valuable to spend two hours doing something that will take an IT pro two minutes. You want people to hire you for your specialty, so hire others for their strengths.


Take advantage of these tips today and download a template to help you build a simple daily plan here. Whether you’re a new solopreneur or you’ve been at it for decades, take intentional time to put disciplined systems in place, and both your business and personal life will prosper.

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