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Garage Spring Cleaning & Organization

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The garage is often the catch-all space for miscellaneous clutter. Instead of ridding our home of unnecessary stuff periodically throughout the year, things are tossed in the garage to deal with later. Come springtime, organization is a must. Beat the summer heat and do your garage spring cleaning and organizing now! Here are some tips to help you get started:

Plan: Set aside a sufficient amount of time to complete the organization project. Get your family involved to make the process quick and efficient. Find inspirational pictures of organized garages on the web to give yourself an end goal.

Take Inventory: Pull all or your belongings out of the garage and separate your things into 4 piles: keep, sell, donate and trash/recycle. If you haven’t used the item in over a year, it should go. Take care of the sell, donate and trash/recycle pile promptly so the piles don’t become permanent fixtures.

Clean: Now is a great time to clean the garage floor. Spray out dirt and debris with a hose or clean it out with a mop. Consider a garage flooring alternative like epoxy or modular tiles that are stain and slip resistant.

Freshen Up: Long winters leave the garage smelling less than stellar. Spend a few hours with the garage door open to get some ventilation. For extra airflow, set up fans in the garage to replace the musty air with fresh air from outside. Deodorize the space with your favorite air-freshener. You can even create your own DIY deodorizer.

Arrange: It’s time to sort and store the keep pile. Making sure every item has a designated spot maintains an organized space. Getting everything off the floor and placed on garage shelving and garage overhead racks maximizes your space.

Strategize: Get smart with your storage. Keep frequently-used items at eye level on hooks for easy access and seasonal items up high on overhead storage for later use. Categorizing your items and housing them in the same general area makes them easy to find and store.

Routine: The key to maintaining an organized garage throughout the year is establishing routine cleanings. Decide tasks that you do daily, monthly and yearly to keep your garage in-check. It’s easier to maintain an organized garage than start from scratch every year.

We put off garage-cleaning-overhauls all year, it’s time to spring clean the garage and establish new habits.

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