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Make Space in your Home and Life

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The importance of making space.

We all exist in the essence of space. It’s like gravity; it just exists without us doing anything. But when we lose our space, we start to realize we take it for granted. And we want it back.

Space: a continuous area or expanse that is free, available*

Space: open distance between items, clear

Space: the sense of openness

Space: liberation, rest

Author Bonnie Gray describes in her book, Finding Spiritual White Space, that space is an area for the eye to rest. Artists, who create on a canvas, intentionally leave “white space” so that the viewer can identify the painter’s story. It’s the area that is left empty so that the painting can be enjoyed. If the whole canvas was filled in black, you wouldn’t know there was a beautiful scene of a woman and her child behind it.

Do you need more space in your home? Do you desire more space in your life?

The house is where the day starts and ends. It is the most tangible type of space we can identify. It shapes the way we gather together, the way we make meals, the way we get dressed. We need physical space to function and breathe. When we are limited on space, we feel constrained and can’t find our valuables.

Space in your home allows you to have a sense of calm and a means to support your family with the best means available. Especially functional space. We all have a different definition of “enough space.”

What does it look like to have enough space in your home? How important is it for you to achieve?

The schedule can be filled up without feeling like you have much control over it. Games, activities, outings — all planned by others, but land on your calendar. Space isn’t created on a calendar like gravity is in the world. It has to be intentionally added to be experienced. Planning in quiet time, having an open evening at home, creating time to get items done for you, or planning a date to the movies. These are things that need space and have to be added by you, or else the days keep passing and we loose sight of the importance of each day.

What are the priorities for your life to be fulfilling? What do you need to do to put those priorities on your calendar?

The mind gets cluttered faster than the kitchen counter. It is storing information and strategizing puzzles and getting distracted. The mind needs space to slow down, make wise choices, and be refreshed. Unplugging from the world, digitally and mentally, allows the brain time to stop, debrief, and rid the anxiety of the daily grind. It needs time to move on its own and be open to restoration. Like the body after a big workout, it needs rest and revitalization to function at 100%.

When was the last time you took a mental break? What would it look like to create space for restoration of your mind?

All this talk of space sounds light and fluffy and ideal in a world that isn’t full of busy schedules, demands of life and women tired of keeping up. But it also doesn’t magically appear on its own. Space exists whether we take advantage of it or not. Allow it to exist in your life!

Add in a little space at a time. Intentionally. Don’t go for the home-run the first time up to bat. Space looks different in each of our lives. What is enough space in your home, mind, or schedule to feel like you could be regenerated more tomorrow than you are today?

White Space is essential to see the story painted on the canvas. What does your canvas look like, today? What could it look like tomorrow?


Together we will work to make your days flow smoother so you can be free to do more life!