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New Beginnings, New Year

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I’m wrapping up 2018 and feeling a little all over the place. This year was challenging for a variety of reason, but as the calendar turns it gives me the opportunity to have a fresh start. It’s a time for New Beginnings.

But how do I get started?

Autumn Calabrese from Beachbody says that your mind will give out before your quads. Now, when I’m 60 seconds into jump squats I’m not so sure about that, but I do think she has a point.

We have to be conscious of our mind because it will overtake what we are pushing our body to accomplish. 

We can all relate to the fact that our mind gets easily distracted and therefore our to-do lists and actions get off course. We have to be intentional about our actions, schedules, and thought processes in order to move forward.

What gets our mind off track?

Negative self talk is what attacks our minds: You’ve never been good enough. You’ll never have time to get in shape. You’re not skilled enough. 

False, False, False. Let’s train our brains to have positive talk and keep our bodies moving in a positive direction.

What does that look like in 2019?

In 2018, I held my hands and plans too tightly. I probably missed out on some great opportunities because of my tunnel vision. In 2019, I am using the image of open hands, open arms, and open mind to embrace the new year. New Beginnings.

In reflection of your 2018, when was your mind working against your body? How can you use that to leverage a more productive and fulfilling 2019?

May you have a blessed start to 2019, full of new beginnings.

More order and new mindsets aren’t happenstance. They are your choice.

Let The Proper Place help you create new beginnings in 2019. Contact Michelle to explore how together we can create more space for you, through hands on organizing or coaching services.

Together we will work to make your days flow smoother so you can be free to do more life!