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How your perspective can make you more productive

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Do you ever think that if you could just be more productive, life would be easier? Um, yes! But what if you realize it’s not necessarily having an improved filing system or balanced schedule that will make you more productive? Those things might really help, but it could be the power of your perspective that transforms your productivity level.

I’ve been learning a lot about perspectives, recently. About how powerful they are, and can be. The most monumental thing I’ve gleaned, is how often I project my perspective into a situation, conversation, or space without realizing the positive or negative impact it may have. My perspective is a point of view that positively or negatively impacts situations, and ultimately, how I chose to manage my day-to-day life.

Life is full of differing ideas and perspectives. That’s what makes the world so colorful! I love how we all have something unique to add and how we all see situations differently. Do you remember the black and white image that looks like either a silhouette of an old woman or of a young woman, depending on how your mind reads the image? That picture is a perfect example of how we all see things differently, and sometimes, it’s not until we are told that other people have an alternate view of the same image, that we realize we have a pre-set perspective. I wouldn’t have known there was an old woman in the image, if I hadn’t been asked to look at it beyond my first analysis.

And this is the new revelation that I’m having for my organizing business, and life. How are the ways we view our homes and schedules affecting our productivity and our lives?

How could a challenged perspective change our approach to each day? How could it change our relationships?

Deep questions here. But simple answers. It would be life changing.

It could be that transitioning our perspectives, some of which we don’t even realize we have, could drastically transform our calendars and the productivity within our homes. It may result in monumental changes — new openings for relationships to flourish and possibly a little more white space in our lives.

How do we do this? First, OPEN YOUR EYES AND MIND to what you’re doing. Stop the mundane cycle and stop to think about what your actions look like and mean. Life’s wheels keep turning unless we stop to look at the map to determine the best route to the destination. And it may be an alternate road that you’re not familiar with.

Second, PIN-POINT WHAT ISN’T WORKING amongst your mental clutter, and start small. It could be you’re not able to exercise frequently, you don’t get out the door on time, you don’t feel like you have enough time with your kids, or you can never find your favorite pajamas. We all have different things [big or small] that get in the way of us feeling fully efficient and whole. There may be many things, but take one at a time.

Third, once you’ve identified one thing, EXPLORE what your honest perspective of that concept is, and process if/how that mindset is getting in your way of being productive. Is it impacting you negatively or positively?

Begin to SHIFT to a perspective that will allow you to approach or accomplish the concept with more positivity and consider a new route to the destination.

If this seems exciting to you, but a little overwhelming to work though on your own, let’s talk. I’m adding coaching to my business plan because I desire to help people coach through their perspectives and the areas that get them stuck.

Sometimes it’s not a major kitchen overhaul that will make the biggest difference in your productivity level, it’s adjusting your perspective.

Together we will work to make your days flow smoother so you can be free to do more life!