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Storing your Memories and Keepsakes

If you need support on what to save and how to store your keepsakes and memories, I’ve put together a free cheat sheet to help you get a jump start.

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Shortly after I was married, my mom sent me at least 18 boxes of my childhood memories to Iowa. She was remodeling my old bedroom and ready to solidify my adulthood by passing all the “treasures” on to me for safe keeping. I had to let the boxes sit in our garage for weeks before I was ready to deal with them. It was a looming task. And I knew there were so many choices to make. I felt like I had to choose which memories I valued enough to save and which keepsakes I wanted to say good-bye to. Time changes the way we see our belongings, and who knew what choices would be lurking in those stacked boxes!?!?
After months of avoidance, I was finally sick of walking over them in our garage, so I made a plan to tackle the boxes. I broke it down and sorted a couple boxes a week and slowly made my way through the stacks. It was hard at moments, and other times surprisingly easy. I had to:
    • Decide what was important enough to keep
    • How/where I was going to store the keepsakes I wanted to save
    • Make a plan on when I was going to sort and purge (aka get started and finish!)
And thankfully after all those choices, I narrowed it down to only 2 bins to save in my storage closet and a few memories to display! I guess my mom could have saved money by having me sort the boxes in my old closet, rather than shipping them to Iowa…but then again she probably knew I’d never want to make the choices unless they were in my way.

If you need support on WHAT to save and HOW to store your keepsakes and memories, I’ve put together a free guide to get you started. Request the free download here and get started!

Memories from childhood, loved ones, and vacations can create clutter in your home. You want to keep them, but they don’t have a home. The right memory box can help eliminate clutter and preserve your legacy. Watch this 90 Second Resource to learn which bin I recommend.  (affiliate link)


As a free gift to you, download this resource: How and Where to Store Keepsakes. It’s a simple guide to help get you started! Want more support in making choices? Contact Michelle at The Proper Place for support in life, home, and balance.

Together we will work to make your days flow smoother so you can be free to do more life!