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Things aren’t as they seem in 2020

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The words “get organized” continue to be in the top most googled words at the start of the new year. We have an ingrained desire to be organized, have order, make the most of what we have. The new year challenges us to reset and reach for the things that feel unattainable at other times of the year. We want to exercise more; travel more; earn more. But those resolutions aren’t as sustainable as they seem.

The 2020 marketing message
In 2020, bloggers and marketers are proclaiming the message that this is the year for 20/20 — perfect vision or hindsight. My perspective is that this is the year for seeing things as they really are. I work with a lot of women to restore order to their homes and lives and there is so much more to their life circumstances than meets the eye. They may appear to “have it all together” or to only have disorganization in their closets. But, there is so much more going on in their mind and home than meets the eye. There is more going on in their home and mind than they even realize until we start to work together. We start to see their situation for what is really going on — lack of boundaries, lack of skill, miscommunication, depression, etc. When they start to see what’s under the surface and what is actually getting in the way of their organization, they can better understand how to maintain their space.

Staying inline with the 20/20 spirit of seeing things with “perfect vision,” I don’t believe that most of our situations are as they appear on the surface–nor are our resolutions.

What we think we’re reaching for
The common resolutions of exercise, organization, and dieting are fantastic goals. They will help you be healthier and have more order in your life. You assume that by being healthier that you are going to be happier. They are broad and acceptable and there’s no question why you chose to achieve these goals. But can you really achieve them?

How to actually achieve your resolutions
These resolutions on the surface are motivated by a need for habit and health. But underneath they are motivated by a much deeper desire. What is that motivation? Millions will start new fitness routines, dump all the junk food in their house, and invest in new products. Some will succeed and many will give up, blaming themselves or their resources. That’s the cycle that we believe and keep repeating year after year.

The secret to 2020 resolutions (to any fresh start), is to understand and see things for what they really are. We need to uncover the deeper motivation.

Let me explain. To have success you need to identify what’s under the surface. What’s really mulling in your gut and mind that is charging you to want a change?

Motivation and mindset are essential to having long-term success. No habit can be created or changed without a clear understanding of one’s self. Identifying the underlying motivation — the real reason for needing change — will give you a better understanding of what you really hope to achieve. On the surface it seems to be a good idea to eat healthy and get organized, but what is actually motivating you? If it’s motivated by the Pinterest perfect dream, it won’t be sustainable. If it’s motivated by a lifestyle desire — such as to have more quality time with your children — that’s a real life incentive that will help you create commitment long-term.

What’s the true motivation for your resolutions this year?

You can’t will it to be
Mindfulness and mindset are buzz words of the new decade. They are important; they add value to our actions. Being mindful doesn’t happen by just willing it to be so. It’s a practice and a habit unto itself.

The important conclusion
The resolutions you’ve made prove your desire for a change. That’s amazing! The desire is the most important first step. The next step, uncovering the true motivation, is what will give you long-term, sustainable success.

As you make new resolutions, remember that things aren’t always as they seem. In the decades driven by social media images where most things aren’t as they appear, commit to identifying the motivation to your resolutions. Take control and be sure that your success goes beyond the 2020 “perfect” vision.

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