Slaying the Myths you Believe about Time

There are myths we all believe about productivity and time. Myths we buy into without even realizing it. If I work harder, I’ll get there. If I sleep less, I’ll get more done. I’m just not wired that way. It’s not my responsibility. These perspectives and stories can be a road block without us realizing […]

How Setting Boundaries made me more Productive

Until two months ago I wouldn’t have used the word boundary and productivity in the same sentence. I knew I was weak at setting boundaries in my life, but I didn’t think it was really getting in the way of how I operate on a day-to-day basis. But recently, I’ve uncovered new awareness about how […]

Checking your Email is Derailing your Day

When I wake up in the morning I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and check my email. Is this your pattern? Maybe you don’t check your email that quickly, but it is probably one of the first task related items you do. It can be extremely hard to resist checking in with email […]

Control your best during the worst

My husband and I recently celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. We had a pretty unique and special ceremony. It was quaint, personal, unique, and intentional. Fitting for who we were and what we wanted our future to represent. The part of the wedding that still gives me the goose bumps are the vows. We wrote […]

Is your Routine Helping or Hurting you?

Routines can help or they can hurt. You currently have a routine. It may not be a pre-established system you consider routine, but humans are creatures of habit and even the spontaneous person has consistent behaviors that affect the speed and flow of the day. A routine is doing tasks regularly or with a repeated […]

Simple Ways to Create Balance in Your Life Today

The buzz word of balance is frequently popping up on my newsfeed: “Find balance. You need more balance. Here’s the trick to being balanced.”  I want to have a balanced life and schedule, but it feels impossible. Is balance even obtainable? When I think of balance, I picture a scale that we used in high […]

Make Space in your Home and Life

The importance of making space. We all exist in the essence of space. It’s like gravity; it just exists without us doing anything. But when we lose our space, we start to realize we take it for granted. And we want it back. Space: a continuous area or expanse that is free, available* Space: open […]

How to Stay Motivated

Kimberly made a resolution to become more organized and be more conscious of how she spent her time. She was so motivated to be organized! She energetically de-clutter her closets and cupboards of things she no longer needed nor wanted. She loved the freeing feeling that came from walking into her house and knowing where […]

Benefits of budgeting time like money

If I spent my money like I spend my time, I’d be broke. Time can be just as valuable as the dollar, and just as valuable to budget. Let’s look at spending our time like we’d look at spending our money so we can afford the important things!

The defining moment of your day

I don’t have to tell you how fast paced life is because you’re probably running the race right now! Life is packed full of activity, but can you afford not to find five minutes of rest in your day? How do we find time to be still?

Why to say No. When to say Yes.

We live in an era where our plates are overflowing with commitments. More is expected of the woman than ever before. It’s so important to say Yes. Sometimes. But how, when, and why should you say No? And when do you say Yes? Consider one of these concepts to help you process the next request of you to add a commitment to your plate.

Back to School with Less Stress

Be intentional about your mornings and evenings. Empower each child with the proper tools and independence. Take care of yourself. And go conquer this school year! Here are six simple tips that can add a little intentional order to make a difference in the success of this new school year.