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Are you just being lazy?

Are you lazy or is something else in your way? Women give me millions of reasons for not being motivated to organize, sort papers, conquer a project, self-improve. It can be paralyzing to face the piles and consider new ways of doing things. Identify if you're just being lazy or not.

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Women have millions of excuses for why they don’t accomplish what they need to. And surprisingly a lot of times the response is: “Maybe I’m just lazy.”

We have legitimate (and illegitimate) reasons for not filing our papers, maintaining our counters, following through on commitments, putting items away, crossing items off the list, etc. We can be tired, unsure, stressed, overwhelmed, lack time, frustrated, and yes, sometimes lazy.

Are you actually lazy?
If you’re unwilling to work or use energy to do essential things, then yes, by definition you are considered lazy. Possibly it’s that simple of a reason for why you aren’t getting things done — you are being lazy. Now, I don’t know about you, but when you call it laziness, that sparks a fire under me because I don’t want to be lazy in life. But to slay any lazy nature, you need to have motivation, direction, and purpose.

And sometimes we mistake laziness for other circumstances in our way.

Is something else getting in the way?
There are many reasons for not being motivated to organize, sort papers, conquer a project, and self-improve. The sense of starting a project and facing piles can be paralyzing. What is preventing you from moving forward? There could be other external factors, personal factors, or brain-based conditions that you need to take into consideration. You may think it feels like “laziness,” but potentially there are mental battles that need to be addressed. It’s important to intentionally work through circumstances alone or with a counselor or coach to get you in a healthy place.

What motivates you?
When you lack motivation, it’s hard to get the energy to move in any direction. I challenge you to break down what is causing the lack of motivation and prioritization. Understanding what’s in the way can help you have a clear knowledge of how to best create a plan to move forward.

When you know the barrier it can help you better design a bridge to get across it.

Additionally, start identifying ways to get motivated, such as:

  • enlist a friend or coach for accountability
  • make it clear what you’re working toward
  • set a timer so you have a clear start and finish
  • break the project up into baby steps
  • create an incentive or reward for yourself
  • just get started to gain momentum

If you’re lazy, you aren’t bad. You may not even realize why you’re stuck. You need a change in perspective to get motivated and it’s possible!

What is your reason for not making progress?
Are you sick of not knowing why you are standing still? If you are ready to get started and add efficiencies to your work or home, let’s partner together. We can identify what’s getting in your way and create a clear path to move you forward in work and life.

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