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Checking your Email is Derailing your Day

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When I wake up in the morning I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and check my email. Is this your pattern? Maybe you don’t check your email that quickly, but it is probably one of the first task related items you do. It can be extremely hard to resist checking in with email or social media to see what you’ve missed while you were sleeping. But your timing for checking email is derailing your day!

Don’t check your email first thing in the morning.

Your email checking pattern could be derailing the flow of your day. Mobile devices have changed how and when we check-in with email. There are many positive facts about immediate connection, but there are many situations when the immediate check-in can upset the direction of your entire day.

If you’re looking to have a more productive day, don’t check your email first. These reasons will help you see your email in a new and improved way.

Why not checking email first thing in the morning can increase your productivity:

  • nothing is that essential :: nothing happened overnight that can’t wait a few more hours.
  • it changes your direction for the day :: email sends your mind in directions that skews your direction for the day.
  • it makes you physically and mentally distracted :: email muddles your mind, even if it’s junk mail that stirs your thoughts. You can’t turn off what you’ve already seen.
  • it’s impossible to not read a message :: personal messages lead to responses or action, and it’s hard to resist responding, even when other things should take priority.
  • nothing needs an immediate response :: just because it’s in your inbox there is no rule that indicates you need to respond ASAP. Texts are immediate, emails are not. It can wait.
  • emails lead to rabbit trails :: a quick check and 20 minutes later you realize you’ve gone down an unnecessary rabbit trail.
  • you’re giving email the control :: you are the one in control of email, not the other way around.

Which one of these resonates with you the most? It’s easy to believe the myth that email is essential every moment of the day and the need to be connected instantly. What perspective are you holding about your email management? Read below for tips to improve your email habits.

Tips to improve your email habits:

  • Get ready for the day first :: get your mind, body, home, and family ready, then look to email. Request the free resource to learn the three essentials you should be doing to have a productive day.
  • Plan your tasks for the day first :: the myth is that emails direct your tasks, but it should be the other way around. You control the tasks, not the emails. Assign your tasks for the day, then check email. If an unexpected email throws a wrench in your plans, you can adapt.
  • Process email, don’t just check it :: checking email does nothing for your productivity. Process emails (delete, move to folders, create action items) and work toward inbox zero. Don’t open email if you don’t have time to process it.
  • Schedule when to check email :: plan to check your email two – three times a day, not continuously or out of boredom.
  • Turn push notifications off :: push notifications are like dangling candy in front of a child. Turning them off will help you be more intentional about checking when you have time to be intentional. (plus it saves your battery!)

Are your email patterns derailing the flow of your day?

Make one small adjustment. Take the emphasis off “you can’t” check email and replace it with “you can” do (fill in the blank).

Technology in general – whether it’s email, social media, or an electronic newspaper – are derailing productivity. Use technology with a purpose and intention, not out of blind habit or boredom. When you become aware of your email habits, you will start to notice your productivity increasing!

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