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How Setting Boundaries made me more Productive

Until two months ago I wouldn’t have used the word boundary and productivity in the same sentence. I knew I was weak at setting boundaries in my life, but I didn’t think it was really getting in the way of how I operate on a day-to-day basis. But recently, I’ve uncovered new awareness.

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Until two months ago I wouldn’t have used the word boundary and productivity in the same sentence. I knew I was weak at setting boundaries in my life, but I didn’t think it was really getting in the way of how I operate on a day-to-day basis. But recently, I’ve uncovered new awareness about how boundaries were hampering my productivity and revised how I do a few things, and I am operating on a new level! I am always excited to self-improve and fine tune my productivity. A nerdy organizer thing to do.

This is how my new awareness came about.
I recently worked with an associate Productivity Coach, we were connected through a coaching course in which we explored the book Stop Organizing, Start Producing by Casey Moore, CPO (a new favorite productivity model that I am implementing into all my coaching sessions). We coached each other around the Twelve Productivity Links that author Casey Moore developed.

I was amazed to uncover how unaware I was that boundaries were negatively affecting my daily efficiencies. They were impacting my communication, drive, and the way I accept change into my life and business.

How could boundaries have such an impact?

According to Moore, boundary-setting “protects you and your time, effort, and energy – helping you bypass the distractions what would otherwise delay or prevent you from achieving your goals.”

She describes that appropriate boundary-setting allows you to keep commitments manageable, manage interruptions, clarify responsibilities, and preserve emotional calm. All items that I know I need, but am weak at implementing on my own.

I’m typically known as a pleaser, “yes gal,” and extremely reliable. Those attributes motivate me to move forward, make me aware of other needs, and allow me to step up to help at a moments notice. On the flip side, those attributes can leave me vulnerable to the requests of others and leave my schedule in shambles. Thankfully, I’m organized, and can usually make up for any unexpected interruptions. BUT, through the recent coaching sessions (where I was the client being coached), I became more aware of how I could have a better quality of days if I was proactive at boundary-setting on the front side, rather than relying on my other strengths to put the high-jacked day back together.

Moore makes the observation that boundary setting “consolidates your personal power. It lets you define for yourself what matters to you, what treatment you expect and accept, and how you will spend your time.”

I can see that my boundaries (or lack there of) weren’t representing what I value nor how I value myself.

When light was shed on this concept for me, I realized that by not setting up boundaries, I am not respecting my values and not honoring my commitments to myself, family, and schedule. My poor boundaries were bleeding over into my relationships, affecting the way I communicate with others. I knew I wasn’t an expert at boundaries, but I didn’t fathom how unbalanced it made my daily life.

Gaining better understanding of my daily values and goals helped me to put more clear boundaries in place and be intentional about how I execute daily interactions. To that note, daily interactions with my both my calendar and interactions with other people.

Amazing how being intentional about one attribute can make such a mental shift.

We are all created differently.
I was recently sharing what I was learning about the Twelve Productivity Links with a client who is strong at setting boundaries, but challenged in organizing and decision-making. When we discussed how to use her boundary setting strength to improve the way she looks at her shelves of craft supplies, she was amazed at how she could better keep the clutter at bay by having invisible lines and containers that create a set amount of space for crafts. Even the timeframe she allowed to work on the organization project was designed by having boundaries in her schedule. She used her boundary-setting strength to improve her weak organization skill. Incredible how perspective and new self awareness can impact so many areas of our lives!

Each person is created with their own set of strengths and challenges in the productivity world. I love seeing how everyone who chooses, can use their strengths to complement their challenges and be stronger in any aspect of life. Perspective is powerful!

For me, I am going to choose to create boundaries in my work, relationships, and schedule to be sure I create time to be free to do more life!

Is this resonating with you? Your days can run smoother, I promise! We can find a clear path to less overwhelm and more peace of mind together. Reach out to me, Michelle Kuiken, Productivity  + Organizer Coach or schedule a free 15 minute session online here and we’ll start to create change that works for you!

Together we will work to make your days flow smoother so you can be free to do more life!