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How to stay sane with kids at home during social distancing

Organizer gives times on how to stay sane now that your kids are at home all day.

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For households who thrive on planning, these days of social distancing due to COVID-19, are challenging. And equally, for the households who aren’t planners, these days are challenging. With less certainty on what the coming weeks will look like, rather than throwing in the towel and feeling like it’s impossible to plan, it’s time to be proactive.

How to plan when there’s no plan:

      • Plan with the information you have
      • Re-adjust
      • Plan again with the new info provided

That may seem too simple. But continuing to plan rather than abandoning the ship, will help ease your mind and make things easier in the big picture. Don’t over overcomplicate it and acknowledge it’s helpful to plan, even if it’s only one day at a time.

Ways to stay sane when everyone is home more than usual:

If you have kids home from school, it will benefit your state of mind and their’s, by being proactive.

◊  Time block your day (and your kids’ day) so it’s not a free-for-all everyday.

◊  Create your own structure with ‘bookends.’ Bookends indicate when to start and stop an activity. The kids are use to clear start and stop times for activities at school that help them focus.

◊  Put something on the to-do list you’ve been putting off because you need to be home to do it.

◊  Plan activities to do together, and to do individually. Mixture of creative and educational.

◊  Identify a school work zone for your kids that’s enticing, has good lighting, and has the tools they need. Use a caddy or jars for essential supplies.

◊  Have a communication board so the kids know what to expect, and when they will get your attention, and when you’ll be doing your own work/projects.

◊  Turn the negative into a positive. You’re no longer fighting carpools and full evenings — so play a game, do a puzzle, or make a fort and sleep in the living room. It’s an opportunity to put being intentional into practice.

◊  Do what works best for YOUR family dynamics. Don’t compare to others.

The key to surviving is having a plan and being flexible to change the plan as needed. The kids are looking to you to see how you are reacting and adjusting to this uncertain schedule. How do you want them to see you in times of uncertainty? What do you want them to learn?

Take care and Stay Healthy, my friends!

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