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Organizing Amongst Social Distancing

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Like most businesses in the past 3 months, it’s been incredibly challenging to not be doing “business as usual.” And digesting the fact that going forward things will forever look different in how we operate face-to-face. In the organizing and productivity industry, we are getting creative to be sure we still keep families operating on all cylinders, papers flowing in the right direction, and time management on target. As much as we are still trying to support our current and new clients, not being able to be in people’s homes, working alongside them, has been gut wrenching.

For someone like me who loves connecting and serving, it’s been hard to determine what’s the best fit to still serve my clients and respect the social distancing recommendations. Over the past few months I’ve scaled back my work to phone and virtual sessions — putting a pause on in-person organizing sessions.

Thankfully, there has been a silver lining to my revised services over the past 3 months. I’m amazed at how even though I’m not in homes, there is still a transformation that is taking place within the women who I’ve continued to encourage virtually. It’s been AMAZING to see the evolution of their progress to meet their goals over the past 3 months. They have been working hard without me physically being present — I’ve been their guide through virtual and phone sessions, but they are the ones doing the heavy lifting and mental shifting. The weekly or bi-weekly sessions have been more cost and time effective for them, and allows me to help more women alleviate the overwhelm. It’s definitely adjusted how I will do business going forward.

I’m not completely abandoning in-home organizing, but I am re-adjusting.

These are the service adjustments I’m making based on what I’ve been seeing with the success of clients, while doing my part to keep everyone safe (and organized!).

Reduced Hours for In-Home Visits
I’ll only be working in one household per day to be sure I’m not transferring germs from house to house. I’ll wear mask, gloves, and thoroughly clean my supplies between visits to keep everyone safe. Frequent hand washing for the client and myself will ensure we are doing our due diligence. I will only work with people who are feeling healthy and don’t have at-risk people in the home.

Blend of Virtual and On-Site Work
I will integrate virtual organizing and consulting with client sessions. During our first assessment we will determine what works best for your goals and learning abilities. There will be virtual/phone sessions blended between on-site sessions (as needed) to keep your progress moving forward. Accountability makes a world of difference between on-site visits. You’ll have more access to my expertise and be able to keep moving forward.

Growth of Coaching + Consulting Sessions
I am a trained Organizer Coach through the accredited program Coach Approach for Organizers and have the skill to help women transform their productivity and organization. Some people want a person to come to their home so they don’t have to do the work alone. And though I do offer hands on services, I’m not one to just do the work for you. I want to empower you to learn how you function best in your space so you can maintain it on your own. The difference between coaching and hands-on organizing is we dive deeper into how you function best and allow you to break down what’s really in the way, creating more proven long term success. In coaching sessions you pin-point insight about yourself/home, make progress on your project goals, and have a guide for accountability along the way. Learn more here about the benefits of coaching.

Overall I will serve women who want more balance and simplicity!

We will continue to navigate the new normal in our lives and adapt as necessary. I feel blessed to still be in business and be able to transform my services to better serve the women in NW IA and across the nation.

If you are looking for support in getting organized, learning how to be productive, and experience balance in your days, I’d be honored to be your guide. Schedule a free phone session to learn how we could partner best together to meet your goals. In the mean time, I’d love to give you a free resource — 3 things you can do today to be more productive tomorrow. Request the free download here.


Together we will work to make your days flow smoother so you can be free to do more life!