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How to Make Almond Butter

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Having an organized kitchen can spur on new adventures and provides you with energy to create in the kitchen! Now that my kitchen cupboards are organized and everything has a place to be easily put away, I found myself wanting to actually use some of the appliances I never use to take the time to get out because they were in such cumbersome locations! So, I decided to finally use my Professional Grade Ninja to make almond butter!

Well, mine actually ended up being chocolate almond butter (quite tastey!). But if you add salt, regular almond butter is just as good. The cost is about the same as buying a jar at the grocery store, but knowing exactly what you put in it and making it yourself, makes it taste so much better! And you appreciate it so much more!

What you need:
Large bag of Almonds (about 12-16 oz)
Salt (if desired)
Bittersweet chocolate chips (if desired)
Honey (if desired)
Food Processor

I use the Ninja Ultra Kitchen System, but any type of high powered food processor would work (a standard blender isn’t strong enough). I love the professional grade Ninjas because it is so versatile and is an all-in-one appliance (always thinking of saving space!).

Pour almonds into the food processer and a pinch of salt (if using). Only fill processer about half full because the almonds will expand as they blend.

Begin to blend the almonds. This will take a long time. (longer than you think!) Periodically, stop the processor and scrap down the bowl. Then let it run again. The heat from the blender helps the oils separate to become more of a paste.

It took me about 20 minutes total between blending and periodically scrapping down the bowl. At one point I took it out of the blender thinking it was done, but I wasn’t pleased with the consistency, so figured I better blend it longer. And that made a huge difference! Like I said, it takes longer than you think and it’s a loud process. So hopefully you have patient family members!

When it gets to the pasty, buttery consistency you desire, taste it to see if you want to add more salt, melted chocolate chips, honey, coconut oil, etc. People have all sorts of variations on this. I added chocolate chips because my husband thought the original (no salt, only almonds) tasted like “tree bark.” So, I figured chocolate makes anything better! I melted about 4oz of bittersweet chips and poured them in and blended for a few more minutes.

I put my final product in a pint-sized mason jar. Pretty easy process with a tasty result! I love to spread it on celery and bananas to satisfy my sweet tooth during the day!

posted February 26, 2015

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