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To those who feel unappreciated at home

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Do you ever feel like your efforts at home go unnoticed? That they are taken for granted?

We all have our roles at home for accomplishing household duties. Some families sit down and distinguish them, even having a chart to keep people accountable. In other families, the roles are assumed by default.

What’s your role? Do you ever feel like the things you accomplish go unnoticed?

I know I do. Not to say that I have an ungrateful husband, because he is the best. But, I have assumed the stereotypical wifely duties of cleaning, cooking, mowing, grocery shopping, and keeping the house in order. For some reason, these are the chores that are only noticed if they don’t get accomplished. Never when they do. And it can feel defeating when time and time again, people notice when the bathrooms are dirty or the fridge is empty, rather than noticing (and appreciating) that the tasks have indeed been completed. It’s never an intentional snub, but everyone likes to have a little pat on the back rather than a “why are we always out of milk?” remark.

Any one else ever feel this way?

As women, we aspire to so many roles, and working in the house or raising kids are only the beginning of the hats we wear. I wish I had a magic remedy for how to help women feel appreciated, but aside from recommending we communicate with our family daily, I’d like to just say thanks.

In this season of juggling so many roles, I’d like to say thank you for doing it. Thank you for taking the time cleaning the floor and getting the sticky finger prints off the handle of the fridge. And taking time to make the kids’ favorite treats, being sure the fridge has ingredients to pack a healthy lunch, and watching out for the boogey man under the bed. Thank you for staying up late to do your own work so that the family can spend time together at the dinner table. Thank you leaving work early when your child forgets his homework on the counter. Thank you for conquering the laundry pile that never ends and paying the bills so we can have hot water and not think twice about whether the lights will turn on or not. Thank you for holding your kids when they are sick and praying with them before they close their eyes at night. Thank you for putting your husband, kids, and loved ones before yourself.

And thank you for doing all the tasks that go unnoticed. Because you are important.

Last Fall I was traveling for a week, and when I came home my husband said “I’m so glad you’re home, things run so much smoother when you’re here.” Beaming on the inside from this comment, I just smiled and said, “I know.”

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