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I provide a holistic approach to productivity and organization challenges women face in trying to balance work and household.
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Should is a 4-Letter Word

Every time I hear someone say, “I should” my shoulders cringe up. Words we use matter. We are all made differently. We have different habits and routines. What works for me, doesn’t work for you. Should implies obligation or duty and doesn’t give you action or power to improve your ways.

Are you Busy or Productive?

I don’t want to be busy for the sake of being busy. Do you? Sometimes, we make ourselves busy in order to avoid dealing with the crummy tasks and situations. And sometimes we stay busy to give the illusion that we are important or accomplishing tasks. And most often, we are busy — thinking we are doing what’s on the list, but we never make forward progress.

The 3 Types of Paper in Your House

All the paper in your household fits into three categories. That’s it. Three categories and all those piles will be organized and have function. You’re thinking, how could it be that easy? That’s just it. We make productivity and organization way too complicated.

Simple way to get more done today

Are you busy all day and yet never get anything accomplished?  You can feel incredibly discouraged when you get nothing done in a day. You are not alone in this frustration!

Are you a Productive Procrastinator?

If you just had a clear desk then you’d be able to get more done….2 hours later you’re dusting cords under the desk and not getting anything on your list done. It seemed like good intentions, but it wasted your precious time while the kids were at school.

Free Webinar for Farm Wives who want more Organization

The Proper Place is offering a free productivity webinar for women married to men in agriculture. The webinar will offer key ways to run a productive and balanced farming households. According to the USDA, 96% of all farms in America are family run. Each of those farms have women who are working hard to prioritize […]

Things aren’t as they seem in 2020

The words “get organized” continue to be in the top most googled words at the start of the new year. We have an ingrained desire to be organized, have order, make the most of what we have. The new year challenges us to reset and reach for the things that feel unattainable at other times […]

Tax Preparation doesn’t have to be Painful

Are you scrambling to get your documents together for your looming tax appointment? You’re not alone. Thousands and thousands of households are weighed down with extra paper to sift through this month. When did we make that big purchase? Where are the receipts from our business trip? I have a big secret for you: tax […]

Benefits of budgeting time like money

If I spent my money like I spend my time, I’d be broke. Time can be just as valuable as the dollar, and just as valuable to budget. Let’s look at spending our time like we’d look at spending our money so we can afford the important things!

Still get things done when your day gets hijacked

Do your days always go as planned? It seems to always happen that a day gets hijacked with little notice. I have my week all scheduled out, my days are filled with to-dos and appointments, and it’s inevitable that a day will get hijacked by unexpected plans or events. In my life stage, the hijacking […]

Four fool proof ways to organizing your home office

Did you know that your desk is the battle ground for paper? One day you walk in and realize the villain has declared victory…your desk is overflowing! But no more! Take control back of your territory and love your office again. Here are four simple, fool proof steps, to over take the villain and regain order and a […]

How your perspective can make you more productive

Do you ever think that if you could just be more productive, life would be easier? Um, yes! But what if you realize it’s not necessarily having an improved filing system or balanced schedule that will make you more productive? Those things might really help, but it could be the power of your perspective that […]