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How to feel organized enough for your lifestyle

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Organization is a state of mind. It’s based on your perspective about what order looks like and feels like, to you. I always tell my clients, your goal is to be “organized enough.”

Now, for some people [Client A] they want to be extremely organized, sub-categorized and labeled to the pristine level of looking like a magazine. And that’s fantastic, if it’s sustainable for their lifestyle. For others [Client B] and most busy moms and grandmas, they simply want their house to be functional and not contributing to their stress level.


Client A and Client B are both right. They both desire more organization and improved order in their lives, they just look and feel different in each household.

Do you feel organized enough? What would that look like for you?

I believe there is a false, unspoken expectation for a woman to be able to manage the household, raise kids, run a business or work, all while staying fit, and cooking a balanced meal each night. Oh, and doing it with a positive attitude and make-up on. Maybe that societal image is fading, but there is an underlying message from the media that we should be able to do it all. And as women we are good at putting the expectation on ourselves, too.

If you’re trying to “do it all” or just simply survive, what does your household need to look like in order to function and support your pace of life?

You should be organized to a level that’s ideal for your current lifestyle.

  • How to determine if you are organized enough:

Your household has basic flow to it
Your spaces/closets/rooms function with purpose
You have simple systems or routines in place to accomplish daily tasks
You can find what you need in a timely manner
You are able to use each space as intended [table to eat, counter to work, etc]
When you’ve had a busy week, you can get things back in order with minimal work
You know where to put things and items fit in their intended home
Walking into your house doesn’t cause your stress level to rise
You can get places on time and be prepared
Your laundry is completed in a timely manner [not overflowing and never being put away]
Your kids memories and keepsakes are safe
Your car fits in the garage
You only have items in your closet, kitchen, and pantry that you actually use [amongst other areas]
You don’t avoid certain areas of your home by closing the door or ignoring it

We all will interpret the meaning of this list differently because we each have a different expectation of what we consider being organized. But if you can’t confidently agree that your home is on par with over half of these statements, consider that you could benefit from a little more order and functionality in your home. I guarantee it will be freeing to have a little less clutter and a little more time.

If you do feel you meet most of those recommendations, but still feel overwhelmed in your home, you need to go one layer deeper in getting organized. Your brain may be wired to need more order. You can adjust your weekly outlook or possibly purge, re-categorize, de-clutter, and label a little deeper.

Organization is a state of mind. It’s a revolving door and is always a work in progress. Organization restores order and alleviates the overwhelming feeling caused by clutter, and clutter is always coming in and out of our homes. To have a functioning, whole, cyclical household – my definition of organization – the process is not a one time occurrence, it becomes an embraced lifestyle choice.

Are you organized enough for your current state of mind?

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