Ways to Make Space for More this Season

  The holidays are a magical time, but they also bring more items into our homes. Even if we are choosing to be minimalists in our gift giving, there are extra gifts, decorations, paper, and people in our homes this time of year. Take time to make space for the extra items so you can […]

Transition smoothly from school to summer

Transition from school life to summer life with a little organization and intentionality. Enjoy summer how you choose to experience it. Most of my memories come from the summer months: lazy days by the pool, sleepovers, camps, and family vacation. So many exciting activities. But I also clearly remember my mom made sure we stayed […]

Tips to get organized in the new year

Get More Organized in 2018 is the resolution that thousands [maybe millions] are making this week. Are you one of them? Do you desire to be more organized this year? There are many organizing tips that are offered at the beginning of a New Year, but The Proper Place is offering these essential simple tips […]

Become House Ready for Holiday Gatherings

Is your house ready for the rush of holiday gatherings? You’ve agreed to host the holiday gathering at your house and you’re motivated to get a few things in order. You need space for out of town guests to sleep, area for kids to play, and you have a whole lot of cooking prep to […]

Back to School with Less Stress

Be intentional about your mornings and evenings. Empower each child with the proper tools and independence. Take care of yourself. And go conquer this school year! Here are six simple tips that can add a little intentional order to make a difference in the success of this new school year.

Quick tips to Surviving the holidays in an organized fashion

It’s a busy time of year and there is so much to accomplish on top of the everyday routines. From my experience with the women I’ve worked with, it’s the small tasks and intentionality that can make your season merry and bright, and offer peace of mind amongst the hustle and bustle. After all, Jesus is […]

Quick Ways to Improve Organization in Your Kitchen

You’re prepping for the holiday season and the disorder of your kitchen is coming to the surface. You’re sick of having to take six things out of the cupboard to reach a bowl from the back and the holiday deadline is motivating you to get organized. You crave some organization in your kitchen. For six […]

Simple Steps to Organize Digital Photos

Digital photos need order. Even though you aren’t physically tripping over the clutter of digital photos like you do box of printed pictures, at the rate we’re taking digital images, they may need just as much maintenance and attention then ever. I was recently working with a client to get her digital photos organized. She was worried and […]

From one Farm Wife to Another

Greetings Farm Wives! Draw near, my sacred group of women. Women whom no one else can understand except a fellow farmer’s wife. We are a unique, select group of women. We live and breathe the farm that has become not a source of income, but a lifestyle. We think in terms of grain and livestock […]

How to Organize your Printed Photos

The thought of starting to organize your photos is overwhelming and the project hangs over your head, but hasn’t been made a priority to conquer. Here is a start to making sense out of your printed photos! “We’ll get doubles printed!” Remember that line? We’d all gather into the photo and instead of handing the stranger five […]

Organize & Enjoy your Outdoor Space

I never appreciated summer until I moved to the Midwest. The season brings late sunsets, flip-flops, and the smell of the grill. We relish being outside, whether it’s doing yard work or lingering on the patio with friends, the sun on our skin is the vitamin that gets us through the winter. In any space you […]

Garage Spring Cleaning & Organization

The garage is often the catch-all space for miscellaneous clutter. Instead of ridding our home of unnecessary stuff periodically throughout the year, things are tossed in the garage to deal with later. Come springtime, organization is a must. Beat the summer heat and do your garage spring cleaning and organizing now! Here are some tips […]